Licensing Our Technology

Our technology applies to oil shale, oil sands, coal, and other carbon-rich ores. Our objectives are to utilize our technology to develop projects on our own leases, and to support licensees in determining their own path forward. Do you have access to an organic-rich ore resource but need help developing it? The following points should be viewed as a “How To” guide for potential licensees.

Initial Steps for a License

    1. Desktop review of potential resource (no field work)
      1. How rich is the resource? Does it contain valuable trace or interlayered elements/minerals?
      2. How deep is the resource? What’s the stripping ratio?
      3. How thick is the zone that averages at least 20 gallons/ton by Fischer Assay?
      4. What is the ownership of the resource? Who has the surface rights?
      5. What is the nature of access to the resource and to infrastructure?
    2. Secure access to the resource
    3. Plan and execute core drilling program
    4. Chemical and physical characterization of the shale on the drilled cores
    5. Utilize our laboratory equipment to characterize volume and quality of oil produced
    6. Submit a pre-development plan

How We Can Help

  • Resource work:
      • Introductions to geotech firms
      • Provide sample resource reports
      • Access to our resource characteristics data and experience
      • Consultations with our technical staff
    • Ore analysis
    • Introductions to current licensees
    • Introductions to engineering support companies
    • Provide rough estimates of time and cost to advance a project