Infrastructure, Utah

Red Leaf Resources’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Uintah Partners, is developing essential logistics and processing infrastructure for the expansion of the oil-producing Uinta Basin in Utah and the surrounding region. Adding refinery capacity and additional rail infrastructure in the region are key to increasing production growth in the basin. We hold over 7,000 acres of surface rights in the basin and a state permit to build a 40,000 barrels per day refinery. This acreage is also the terminus of the recently Federally approved Uinta Basin Railway. 

Refinery Project

Our refinery project is expected to capture local market demand for diesel and gasoline and leverage the unique properties of the Uinta Basin crude as feedstock for high-value lubricants. The first phase of the refinery focuses on producing motor fuels for local demand (primarily ultra-low sulfur diesel) and high-value feedstock for U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. The second phase adds the necessary hydro-processing to produce finished base oil for the high-value lubricants market.

Once the Uinta Basin Railway is completed, we plan to construct a transloading facility providing truck tanker to rail access for oil and other products to markets on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Due to the unique properties of the existing Uinta Basin crude, rail is the only solution to improve takeaway capacity. It would also reduce truck traffic through local mountain passes which are difficult in winter conditions.