Green Leaf is a shale tech company transitioning energy supplies to a low-emission future. Our proprietary HCCO® process virtually eliminates the emissions from liquid fuels produced from organic-rich sources. Leveraging this technology, we acquired and plan to develop large scale resources, particularly, kerogen or oil shale. Through our existing holdings and licensee agreements, we have assembled a portfolio including a multi-million barrel resource in Utah and a royalty interest in a multi-billion barrel resource in the Kingdom of Jordan. Co-production of rare earth elements in Utah and potentially phosphate as a fertilizer in Jordan underpins our synergistic approach to resource development.

Downstream of liquids fuels production, we also hold a permitted refinery project in the oil producing Uinta Basin in Utah. With a design capacity of 40,000 barrels per day, the micro-refinery will produce motor fuels for an undersupplied local market. It will also capitalize on the unique properties of the local oil production to produce feedstock for high-value lubricants.