Green Leaf Carbon Technologies
A Division of Red Leaf Resources

Enabling the
Energy Transition

We are Green Leaf Carbon Technologies

We are proud experts in developing proprietary technology to convert organic-rich feedstock into high-value products, including blue oil and high purity carbon dioxide, while simultaneously producing co-deposited rare earth and other strategic elements. Utah is our homeland and initial focus, and the global organic-rich ore industry is our future.
At Green Leaf, we’ve always been devoted to being the best in our business. We constantly explore and evaluate new and innovative concepts for our technology and synergistic co-production opportunities. Our objective is to enable the energy transition to net-zero CO2 oil production and to create shareholder value. 


Use our technology to develop the organic-rich ore and inter-bedded strategic mineral resources in the Uinta Basin and enable the energy transition to net-zero CO.



Develop the energy transition technology of choice for blue oil production (net-zero CO2) from organic-rich ore resources worldwide with co-production of strategic materials.


Respect and safeguard people and the environment. Create shareholder value.